Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the top 12 questions asked when enquiring about our allotments:

1.     How much does it cost?
An initial deposit of £92 (£80 for the plot and £12 gate key), the rental fee is per metre2 per annum and typically an annual rent is anywhere from £15 to £40.  Rental period is 01 Dec to 30 Nov.  Unfortunately, there are no partial rents or rent refunds
2.     Can I have livestock on my plot?
No. Livestock including bees are not permitted in our land rental agreement.
3.     What can I grow?
The allotment is for the provision of growing vegetables and fruit, so long as it’s cultivated, tidy and not an illegal/invasive crop you are free to grow what you like. 
4.     Can I bring my dog on to the plot?
Yes. Dogs are welcome so long as they are well behaved, and that any dog fouling is picked up and disposed of offsite.
5.     How old do have to be to rent an allotment.
You must be 18 or over to rent an allotment.
6.     I live outside East Leake can I still have an allotment?
To rent an allotment you must reside in East Leake.  If living outside East Leake please contact your local parish council.  If you reside in East Leake and have an allotment and subsequently move away from East Leake then your plot is forfeit.
7.     How much time does an allotment take up?
There is no real answer to this, the more you put in the more you get out.  However, as a guide; in winter a few hours a week would probably suffice, but in growing season (Mar- Oct) at least 8 hours a week would be recommended.  

We have had some tenants who do not tend/prepare their plot in the winter months and then struggle in the growing season as they have not prepared for the growing season.  It’s not feasible to just pop up, plant and go or think it’s just a summer/good weather pass time.  An allotment is a big undertaking that takes time and energy on regular basis all year round.
8.     Can I have a shed or greenhouse?
Yes. However, we do have a policy in place to regulate these structures; small plots are limited to one or the other but not both, whereas large plots are considered for both.  Polytunnels are not allowed.
9.     How experienced do have to be?
You don’t. Many of us did not have a clue about allotment gardening (some would say that we still haven’t) when we started, and you will learn along the way.  We are a friendly association and you will find that other plot holders will always be ready with some advice on how they do it.
10. Can I sell my produce?
No. Produce from your allotment is for home/family use only and should not be grown for retail. Should you be found to be growing for retail you will forfeit the allotment.
11. What would I get out of an allotment?
Besides the obvious befits of growing your own fresh, tasty fruit and veg that you know exactly where it’s come from; there are health and wellbeing benefits associated with taking some physical activity and fresh air (consider it a green Gym) as well as getting to know people in the village.  You don’t need to be superman to dig your allotment over a little and often works very well.
12. Are water charges extra?
No. Water charges for the troughs on-site are included in the rental rate. However, you are requested to catch as much water from shed/greenhouse structures as possible.  This is then better for the environment, your crops and our water bill.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask a committee member or send us email at:

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